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remember i have a new blog site!

if you haven’t already seen it i’m not going to be posting on here any longer i am on blogger here’s the link —–> chfpphotography on blogger you can sign up for updates and things like that.  i like blogger now because i can post videos as well as photos and the space is UNLIMITED!!!! which i love that! so please check it out and sign up for email updates and if you are on google or google+ you can follow me on there as well! hope to hear from you all soon!!!! -charity

I’m on blogspot


Please click on link to check out my new blog. I like blogspot so much better. More storage room and I will be able to post videos for free on there too (which I couldn’t do here unless I pay a high subscription, and I’m not doing that I can’t afford it) on the site you can sign up for emails when I post and you can leave comments like before 🙂 I’m excited to be on blogspot now 🙂 I can post videos yea!!! Please make sure to click the link (the email sign up is on the right next to the blog title on the top)

– charity pitts

i’m saying goodbye to my blog

it’s been a nice almost 4 years now but i am just going to focus my photos on instagram and twitter. it’s been a nice ride here but i’ve been doing some soul searching and i feel like i need to step away from here.. but if you don’t want to loose contact with me you can do the following 3 (maybe 4) —–>

  • Follow me on Instagram my i.d. is —–> charhopefitzpittsphoto

  • Follow me on Twitter my i.d. is ——> charhopefitzpittsphotography

  • Add me on Facebook look up Charity Pitts and look for my photo

  • and lastly if you don’t have these then send me a email —-> corinthiansgirl@hotmail.com

thanks for following me and hope you can follow me, add or send me an email.. hope to hear from you all soon!!! God Bless – charity hope fitzgerald pitts

I’m taking a break (please read)

After what happened yesterday I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a while. I just need to. I will be posting my photos on my




Twitter —> (chfp_photo)

please follow me on there… I will be back soon I just don’t know when yet. Thanks so much for following me on here and please don’t unfollow I will be back.

I will not tolerate political comments!!!!

This may loose me some followers but I don’t care. My blog is meant for my photography and not for someone to post comments on how they didn’t celebrate the holidays. Believe me if I wanted to talk politics I would start a blog for it. But i don’t want the headache of it. But please don’t do it again anyone. I only want comments on my photos and that’s it!!! Can’t we enjoy things in life besides arguing over stupid things. (drops mic 🎤)