the most spectacular rainbow i’ve ever seen!

ok so today we all went this afternoon after church to this house where we will be housesitting for this coming weekend but anyways.. they have this amazing view of the mountains and it’s so breathtakingly beautiful.. .well a thunderstorm just happened to pass through and little bit latter here comes the sun while it’s raining and there is this most amazing and beautiful rainbow ever! it was a double rainbow in fact! …. so i had to get some pictures.. you will be blown away when you see them!

our road trip to jasper, tn

ok so last sunday me and my hubby went to see his family and spend the day with them to celebrate our anniversary 🙂 so we went to chattanooga and mckay’s bookstore and ate some cici’s pizza… but on the way there i took some amazing pictures on the way there to david’s hometown.. it’s just a beautiful drive and makes me so proud to live in Tennessee 🙂 here is the pictures!

is that a tornado!?

my hubby with his iguana “gene” 
He’s a happy reptile!
Look at that smile! Priceless!
and here’s his cat tera (Sp?)