the most gorgeous skies ever

last night as i was outside looking for my cat to come inside.. i noticed how beautiful the sky was… colors of pink, purple and blue… thankfully i had my camera and was able to grab a photo 🙂 enjoy!IMG_2369

crossville cruise in

we have this really awesome classic car cruise in downtown starting in april til october and it’s the last saturday of the month… and let me tell you there is some gorgeous cars there… here’s a few pictures…IMG_2310 IMG_2311 IMG_2312 IMG_2315 IMG_2323 IMG_2324 IMG_2329

Snowball Bushes…

these lovely and beautiful bushes bloom in april and they are so gorgeous.. so i took a few photos on the one in my neighbors yard… i will include a little info about them

IMG_2270 IMG_2271


Snowball bushes are very popular shrubs in gardens in Europe and America. They should not be confused with the hydrangea that produces large balls of flowers in white, pink and blue. The formal name of the snowball bush is Viburnum opulus, and it also produces balls of white flowers, but the flowers are much smaller than those of the hydrangea.

Description The snowball bush is a large deciduous bush that grows to about 10 to 20 feet in height. It has green leaves and large globe-like clusters of white flowers. It can be planted in the sun or partial shade in moist soil. The flowers appear in the late spring and are white to cream with a green tinge. They turn pink later in the season, and the leaves of the bush turn purple just before they fall in autumn. Most snowball bush varieties are sterile and do not produce fruit. Earlier forms produced large clusters of bright red, shiny, translucent berries.

The shrub shows up in documents as far back as 1554 in Europe. In 1770 it was described as looking like balls of snow and from then on was often called the snowball bush. An old name, Guelder rose, comes from its place of origin. This was Guelderland, a Dutch province where the bush was first known to be cultivated. Dutch immigrants brought the shrub to England. It did not originate in England as many believe.

Alternate Names

The nickname of the Viburnum opulus is snowball bush, but it is known by several other names as well. They include European cranberry, highbush cranberry, Geulder or Gelder rose, Whitsun-boss, love roses and pincushion tree

History in America

The shrub is very popular in America. It is often planted alone or used as a high hedge. In 1794 Thomas Jefferson planted it in his garden at Monticello. It was called Gelder rose in the garden registry. Use of the shrub spread, and it now appears in gardens in much of the country.

History as Medicine

Snowball bushes also were used in medication. The bark was mixed with water or diluted alcohol and called cramp bark. Its use was documented in several medical journals in the late 1800s. The bark contains valerianic acid, which when taken internally stops spasms, cramps of arms and legs and uterine cramps. It was used to stop cramping during pregnancy. The remedy also was used for asthma and hysteria. A poultice of the berries was often used to ease skin ulcers.

playing in a box with feathers…

i made this stick thingy for my cats to play with it’s got ribbons and feathers on it and they absolutely love it to pieces.. here is a photo of suzy with the feathers too.. it’s just too cute and adorableIMG_2152

a little road trip … to spring city

well today me and my aunt along with my hubby david decided to take a little road trip to the next county to the city of spring city.. it’s such a cute little town… there is a gorgeous overview which i didn’t get the chance to get a picture of .. i will next time i promise.. well anways.. here is a few pictures from our trip.. and also from the little town of grassy cove (it’s on the way to spring city) it’s like stepping back in time to the 1800’s.. such beautiful scenery….

my hubby David 🙂
downtown spring city
grassy cove

IMG_2182 IMG_2183 IMG_2187 IMG_2188 IMG_2190

Spring and trees!

I have to say that Springtime is my absolute favorite season… I think it’s because of knowing that winter is at least over and summer is ahead… it’s starting getting warmer and all the trees and flowers bloom.. i just LOVE it! so i’ll post a few pictures that i’ve taken today at our local state park.. there’s even a picture of the swans with a goose … enjoy the photos!

Such a cute little duck 🙂
Crab Apple Tree
a tale of 2 swans and a geese walking across the parking lot at the park…
Pink Dogwood.. one of my favorite trees 🙂
White Dogwood
Redbud Tree 🙂