No blogging tonight..

Sorry for no blogs today…I guess you can say I’m taking a breather.. But tmrw and Wednesday will be back in action.. Another hike tmrw and then Wednesday we are suppose to get severe tstorms so I’m hoping to get some pictures of that… Oh well.. Hope you all have a wonderful night!!! 

Sunset oh sunset…

it was a beautiful but cold day.. i’m ready for springtime already! img_9638


i see you there mr. cardinal.. can’t hide now…

Can You Find Me?
Check Me Out!
Act all cool now…

sunset (once again beautiful)

these pictures were taking during the various phases of the sunset… the one with the tree is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

yet another hike!

went to hike once again at the Cumberland Mountain State Park… and went on a different trail.. and found little hidden gems along the way… here’s the pics i took!