Birthday Fun-ness!

well today is my bday and i went with my hubby and his friend to chattanooga, tn.. we went to see my hubby’s family.. we went opened presents first.. and i got CARE BEARS! so excited about that!!!! and then we went to steak and shake (and the sung Happy Bday and it sure made me turn redder than anything) and then we went to one of my favorite stores McKay’s .. there is only 3 of these stores.. Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville, TN … they are a used book, dvds, cds,video games, game boards store.. and oh man you could just spend hours in there… well here is the pictures from today. twas a lot of fun.. for sure!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Fun-ness!

  1. I’m glad you had such a fun birthday! Oh my goodness, I love Care Bears! And that McKay’s store…I so need to go there one day! I’ve been to Chattanooga many times (mainly to the aquarium), but I haven’t gotten to go there yet.

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