Please be nice.. Don’t be critical

Okay the reason I post on my blog is to share my photos and stories that go with it… Now I’ve been getting some very “harsh” comments on my blog about how I should do certain things a certain way and I’m sorry but I will not bend over backwards to this way.. I will post my blog the way I want to.. I’m not a professional photographer.. I’m just starting to learn.. Let me learn from my own mistakes not from what you tell me I should do right.. I know you think you are helping but it isn’t.. It just frustrated me more.. I’ve almost wanted to stop this blog all together but I’ve gotten so much enouragement from family and friends to keep going at this.. This is something God has blessed me with and it all goes back to him and not me… So I would appreciate it if you are going to be critical and posting every time I post something then PLEASE unfollow my blog cause I don’t need the stress..and I want to say thank you my followers on this blog and hope you all stay around to see what happens next… 

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