just blending in…. does anyone notice?


4 thoughts on “just blending in…. does anyone notice?

  1. I love birds so much; I’ve just spent the early morning hours contorting myself out of a roof window to get some of the birds on rooftops; chimney pots; and tv aerials 🙂

    …. I’m now teaching my neck to bend be the other way again.

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    1. I do too!!! I’m always walking every day in hopes to get good pictures.. We have bird seed and a bird feeder on our porch so we get good pics that way.. The bluejays, thrashers and the woodpeckers love peanuts! That’s how we have been able to get good pics… They are so much fun to watch!

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  2. I do little wire bird-feeders on cup hooks either side of my lounge attic window in winter; then try to peer under a curtain to watch them without disturbing them; I agree they are lot of fun to watch; birds have a good sense of humour too 🙂

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