Getting weird ya’ll

Okay so is it me or is there comments spam? I only post a clever title and my photos but both of these 2 people who have commented on it are very critical (one named Sally especially) and it’s on one particular blog called browncow (the one I named after the brownheaded cowbird) am I doing something wrong with my blogs or is this spam? Look at the comments see for yourself… I need input

13 thoughts on “Getting weird ya’ll

  1. I received the same exact comment from “Alex – yesterday” not long ago. I marked it as spam which I think you should do with all his messages. The one from Sally – not too sure about – it seems she likes your blog but wants more info b/c she’s a newbie? I would just mark it as spam.

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  2. Did they come through as an approved or request-to-approve comment, or were they in your Comments Spam Folder? Either way, I’m pretty sure they are all spam. No, you are not doing anything wrong. Every so often I check my Comments Spam Folder and find sometimes a dozen or so spam comments. I just delete them and move on. I know many others with the same problem, mostly because we’re all public domains. They want you to click on them and usually buy something, or worse yet, it goes to a porn link. Like I said, best to delete and move on! 🙂

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