I’m taking a break (please read)

After what happened yesterday I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a while. I just need to. I will be posting my photos on my




Twitter —> (chfp_photo)

please follow me on there… I will be back soon I just don’t know when yet. Thanks so much for following me on here and please don’t unfollow I will be back.

9 thoughts on “I’m taking a break (please read)

  1. You shouldn’t let others stop what you enjoying doing, cuz then they win. I never saw the comments besieged on your site. Just delete and ignore political bashers as you did. (I’ve had a couple issues of non-duck hunters bash my site with comments when I didn’t even talk about hunting – DELETE!). You have that right, it is YOUR site! Yes, we all have our opinion with what is going on in our United States; but sorry political commenters, I just do not see it necessary to engage in such comments on a photo blog. Geez!

    Sorry to see you taking a break, as I do not follow Instagram or Twitter. Keep in touch with your blog, let us know how things are with your birds! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for that comment! It’s very encouraging. I deleted both comments. I just hate that comments like that had to be made on my blog . why can’t things be normal and people just comment on the picture instead of making it political. But I am going to take a break though I just need it… Thanks so much for leaving this comment. It shows me that people do care 🙂

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  2. I followed you!
    I hate when people do that to me too and I delete all of those comments i wish it didnt bother me but i’d be lying if I said it didn’t. I don’t post on my blog for confrontation. I’ve taken many breaks. Keep posting on IG !


      1. I’m thrilled to. Maybe you can help me with the bird i just posted. I cannot for the life of me identify him!!! It’s driving me crazy all day!!!! I am searching books and online. He looks like a hawk but he is black with white underside and blue eyes. I wonder if he is just a young hawk but what kind i don’t know. Not red shouldered and red shouldered is all i have seen around here


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