auto vs sunset mode (10-29-18)

5 thoughts on “auto vs sunset mode (10-29-18)

  1. The mode setting, I think, is overlooked by many photographers. I never played around with the different settings because, frankly, the symbols were confusing. Well, except for the obvious ones like the picture of a mountain (landscape), crescent moon (night shot), or face (portrait).

    One day I was taking pictures of the bay and turned the camera knob to landscape — something I’d never done because I always shot in auto. The results — oh, my gosh — were amazing! Who knew that the mode setting could make a difference? I just figured that the camera was smart enough in auto to make those subtle adjustments.

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    1. It’s interesting to play around with the different modes I love the sunset mode a lot because it just really enhances the sky so much better than auto lol sadly my camera I don’t think has a mode where i can take pretty pictures of waterfalls. Which I don’t understand.


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