Obed River Park…

a little visit to crab orchard, tennessee and the train tracks!


WOW!!! I’m very blessed! I can’t believe how fast my blog has taken off.. I’ve had it for 2 years but taken it up more recently… And I’m so thrilled with that!!! Thank you followers for liking my posts! Let’s see where the rest of the year takes us!!!! Whoop!!! Whoop!!!!! 👍😀😄💯🎉🎈📷

Birthday Fun-ness!

well today is my bday and i went with my hubby and his friend to chattanooga, tn.. we went to see my hubby’s family.. we went opened presents first.. and i got CARE BEARS! so excited about that!!!! and then we went to steak and shake (and the sung Happy Bday and it sure made me turn redder than anything) and then we went to one of my favorite stores McKay’s .. there is only 3 of these stores.. Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville, TN … they are a used book, dvds, cds,video games, game boards store.. and oh man you could just spend hours in there… well here is the pictures from today. twas a lot of fun.. for sure!

Take a little trip see Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls, TN

This is a really neat place to visit.. I haven’t been here since I was a kid and I’ve been wanting to go back since… Its a beautiful indoor waterfall inside a cave.. Believe me it worth it! 

Here’s The Perfect Weekend Itinerary If You Love Exploring Tennessee’s Waterfalls

Source : Only In Your State

Long weekends are great, but sometimes laying in bed and making brunch reservations and going to the same Happy Hour can get absolutely boring. Which is why we made the PERFECT waterfall weekend in Middle Tennessee, the best places to go, how to get there, and even a couple of restaurants to round out the week. Ready to head out and explore?

You can find a map and all addresses for our weekend itinerary, here.

Don’t forget to check out our waterfall weekend map! If you’re still looking to explore, these hidden places are just a lovely. Happy hiking!

The Fascinating Town In Tennessee That Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

source : Only In Tennessee

The town of Belvidere, Tennessee is nestled in a sweet hamlet of southern country comfort. Surrounded by lush plant life and enveloped in state history, it’s a great visit whether or not you’re visiting Falls Mill – and we’d most definitely recommend it. The mill is a peek into the past, and you may feel as if Sleeping Beauty or Snow White will come waltzing out of the forest, perfectly at home.


hiking again but more adventurous…

well let me tell you all the adventure me and hubby had today… Okay so We knew thunderstorms were going to happen today and I’ve been watching the radar like a hawk to keep updates on when they would hit.. Well the radar looked like it was a long ways from us still.. I wanted to go hiking so badly… Going on a different trail at our park.. Well it was going good until we reached the midpoint and we started hearing the thunder.. We pretty much power walked out way through that trail and the storm was coming closer and closer.. I was freaking out.. Nearly tripping over the tree roots several times… And when we got out of the trail.. We were near the park office.. My car was seriously on the other side of the bridge.. So we had to walk across it with the rain even pouring harder by the time we got to my car… I have learned a big lesson today… Wait until it sun shines again to hike… I did manage to get some pics before all the chaos…

yet another hike!

went to hike once again at the Cumberland Mountain State Park… and went on a different trail.. and found little hidden gems along the way… here’s the pics i took!