a little visit to the state park…

the cumberland mtn state park bridge lit up for christmas..

yet another hike!

went to hike once again at the Cumberland Mountain State Park… and went on a different trail.. and found little hidden gems along the way… here’s the pics i took!

I love hiking!!!

I’m seriously hooked on hiking for like ever now… I just love nature and seeing all kinds of things that God created… i can’t wait for springtime when there will be all kinds of new stuff to capture on camera.. but even though a hike can wear you out.. it’s definitely worth it! here’s some of the pics from today!

Over the bridge…

oh here i go! thumbs up!

so calm and peaceful…


so pretty and quite…

what a huge rock!!!


a sweet little itty bitty waterfall..

praying to get to the top!

would you dare????

i guess he does dare!

finally made it halfway there! woohoo!

taking a break ….


The Search For The Swinging Bridge…

went to the cumberland mountain state park again.. and went on a 2 mile hike… wanted to find this swinging bridge that i’ve heard about so much… well the trail was insane… rough not smooth… i got so worn out at the end.. i’m taking up hiking though… IT’S SO WORTH IT! all the beautiful nature that surrounds us… the peace and quite… it’s so AWESOME! we finally found the swinging bridge and it was defintely worth the trip!

Cumberland Mountain State Park (part 2)

well we visited the Cumberland Mountain State Park again.. Cumberland Mountain State Park and we went on the other hiking trail to see the bridge and waterfall again… and we hiked a pretty steep downward trail to get to the bottom of the bridge/waterfall.. and it was so worth it! here are the pictures to prove it!

We went to the Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, TN (my hometown) and we went on an adventure today.. got some wonderful and beautiful photos of the bridge and the waterfall that flows from it.. and there is an old homestead house (link of the history of the houses) Cumberland Homesteads …. and it was quite an adventure for sure.. would i go back.. um yes like thousands of times… so quite and surreal there… beautiful… thank you Lord!