I have a Facebook page!

Please go and give my new page a like and make sure you have notifications on so when I post you will see it! And also please share and invite your friends I really do appreciate it! Thank you!!!

i have an official Facebook page!

yes! i created a Facebook page! and i would really love it if you have Facebook please go and give it a like! and please share and invite your friends!

———– > charhopefitzpittsphotography on Facebook!


I have a facebook page!

i have a facebook page if you didn’t know by the way… i post about my blog or anything that i find anything interesting about photography…. if you do have a facebook then can you kindly give my page a like (and also you will have to click to get notifications for when i post, can’t afford to pay right now) thank you!!!!



Facebook Page : A Girl And Her Camera

I have a created a spanking new Facebook page for my blog and instagram.. if you have Facebook take a look and give it a like! much appreciate it!

Here’s The Link :

A Girl And Her Camerawp-1487552758969.jpg

My official Facebook page!!!

I have an official Facebook page now ya’ll! It’s for my photo blog but I will also post from my instagram and anything I find awesomingly photo related.. Can you do me a favor? If you happen to have Facebook can you all go give it a like? And make sure to get notifications for when I post 🙂 I appreciate it!!!