WOW!!! I’m very blessed! I can’t believe how fast my blog has taken off.. I’ve had it for 2 years but taken it up more recently… And I’m so thrilled with that!!! Thank you followers for liking my posts! Let’s see where the rest of the year takes us!!!! Whoop!!! Whoop!!!!! 👍😀😄💯🎉🎈📷

50 Followers & 500 likes!!!

So incredibly blessed!! Thanks for being apart of the journey

and look for more to come!! WooHoo!!!!!


I have a facebook page!

i have a facebook page if you didn’t know by the way… i post about my blog or anything that i find anything interesting about photography…. if you do have a facebook then can you kindly give my page a like (and also you will have to click to get notifications for when i post, can’t afford to pay right now) thank you!!!!



Facebook Page : A Girl And Her Camera

I have a created a spanking new Facebook page for my blog and instagram.. if you have Facebook take a look and give it a like! much appreciate it!

Here’s The Link :

A Girl And Her Camerawp-1487552758969.jpg