Hidden places in TN to visit..

This would be the coolest places to visit.. I’ve been to #4 .. Have you been to any of these places? These would be some great picture taking moments for sure.. Check link below:

Hidden tn places (only your state)

Cumberland Mountain State Park (part 2)

well we visited the Cumberland Mountain State Park again.. Cumberland Mountain State Park and we went on the other hiking trail to see the bridge and waterfall again… and we hiked a pretty steep downward trail to get to the bottom of the bridge/waterfall.. and it was so worth it! here are the pictures to prove it!

We went to the Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, TN (my hometown) and we went on an adventure today.. got some wonderful and beautiful photos of the bridge and the waterfall that flows from it.. and there is an old homestead house (link of the history of the houses) Cumberland Homesteads …. and it was quite an adventure for sure.. would i go back.. um yes like thousands of times… so quite and surreal there… beautiful… thank you Lord!

Paddle Boating at the Park

we went to the park today because the hubby has been wanting to get on the paddle boats… (not me i’m too scared of water!) he had such fun and a blast.. maybe one day i’ll get on one.. maybe… here’s a few pictures of the adventure

The old quaker school…

when i was in first grade.. i was going to another school for part of my second half of 1st grade… my mom had found out about it somehow.. it was a private school (probably one of the very first ones in cumberland county) but anyways.. this building is owned by the quakers and i still believe it is to this day… but i loved this school so much.. made awesome friends… learned cool things… my favorite part of the day was lunch for some reason.. i think it’s because i got to take my lunches and not have a school lunch lol.. but it looks like now the building is under repair.. but i got to walk around and explore and it just brought back a flood of memories…

IMG_3412 IMG_3417