a hike at the park …

quite an adventure…

well we went to hike today (well a little hike) and we went to the house and took pics of the waterfall.. well we discovered a little off trail behind the house so we went for it… and made to the end which wasn’t too far.. but it was an adventure.. well on the way back there was these 3 huge logs blocking the path so i went ahead of my hubby and i took a step up on the first log and in a matter for a few seconds.. down i went! fell hard on the ground! yikes! now I’ll be sore for awhile! not fun at all! maybe I’ll lay off the hiking for a while and just take pictures of other things… who knows… oh and yes i got a tick on me today… thank goodness it didn’t bite! but ticks already! sheesh! oh well here’s the pictures i got today!

Here’s The Perfect Weekend Itinerary If You Love Exploring Tennessee’s Waterfalls

Source : Only In Your State

Long weekends are great, but sometimes laying in bed and making brunch reservations and going to the same Happy Hour can get absolutely boring. Which is why we made the PERFECT waterfall weekend in Middle Tennessee, the best places to go, how to get there, and even a couple of restaurants to round out the week. Ready to head out and explore?

You can find a map and all addresses for our weekend itinerary, here.

Don’t forget to check out our waterfall weekend map! If you’re still looking to explore, these hidden places are just a lovely. Happy hiking!

hiking again but more adventurous…

well let me tell you all the adventure me and hubby had today… Okay so We knew thunderstorms were going to happen today and I’ve been watching the radar like a hawk to keep updates on when they would hit.. Well the radar looked like it was a long ways from us still.. I wanted to go hiking so badly… Going on a different trail at our park.. Well it was going good until we reached the midpoint and we started hearing the thunder.. We pretty much power walked out way through that trail and the storm was coming closer and closer.. I was freaking out.. Nearly tripping over the tree roots several times… And when we got out of the trail.. We were near the park office.. My car was seriously on the other side of the bridge.. So we had to walk across it with the rain even pouring harder by the time we got to my car… I have learned a big lesson today… Wait until it sun shines again to hike… I did manage to get some pics before all the chaos…

yet another hike!

went to hike once again at the Cumberland Mountain State Park… and went on a different trail.. and found little hidden gems along the way… here’s the pics i took!

Ozone Falls Hike…

me and the hubby went to ozone falls today an hiked down to the bottom of the falls (also known as the gorge) well it was quite the accomplishment.. having to basically rock climb down and then rock climb up (something i’ve NEVER EVER done before!) but in the end it was worth the trip.. if you ever are in tn and want to take a trip here.. it’s worth it! (note: this waterfall along with fall creek falls was the locations used for the live action “jungle book” that came out in the 90’s! pretty cool huh? here’s the pictures of our adventure!

I love hiking!!!

I’m seriously hooked on hiking for like ever now… I just love nature and seeing all kinds of things that God created… i can’t wait for springtime when there will be all kinds of new stuff to capture on camera.. but even though a hike can wear you out.. it’s definitely worth it! here’s some of the pics from today!

Over the bridge…

oh here i go! thumbs up!

so calm and peaceful…


so pretty and quite…

what a huge rock!!!


a sweet little itty bitty waterfall..

praying to get to the top!

would you dare????

i guess he does dare!

finally made it halfway there! woohoo!

taking a break ….


The Search For The Swinging Bridge…

went to the cumberland mountain state park again.. and went on a 2 mile hike… wanted to find this swinging bridge that i’ve heard about so much… well the trail was insane… rough not smooth… i got so worn out at the end.. i’m taking up hiking though… IT’S SO WORTH IT! all the beautiful nature that surrounds us… the peace and quite… it’s so AWESOME! we finally found the swinging bridge and it was defintely worth the trip!