I will have pics soon!

I have let my parents use my camera for the day tmrw (and maybe the next day)

so I will post when I can because they are getting all kinds of animals and bird visting their backyard and so I want them to get as many pics as They can… So stay tuned!!!!


Probably no blogs today…

It’s been a mucky day for sure.. Rainy and misty… Not exactly a good day for pictures… I may to rest are some older blog posts if I can later tonight for anyone who hasn’t seen them… Tmrw should be back to normal and it should be sunny skies through next Tuesday and Wednesday when’s it’s suppose to rain again but turn tons cooler… Have a wonderful rest of the evening and God bless!

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Bye bye tropical storm nate

Well update here… The storm is mostly gone now… Phew it was a quick one.. But here’s the deal.. They are saying it could be sunshine by tmrw evening but they say the atmosphere is so muggy and moist that it could fuel up and cause storms late tmrw and Tuesday and by Wed. it should be outta here! So happy about that but let’s say a prayer for the people that got hit harder down in the southern states… we got rain and wind but we didn’t get flooded (thank goodness!) but just wanted to give a quick update…have a great night!