i have an official Facebook page!

yes! i created a Facebook page! and i would really love it if you have Facebook please go and give it a like! and please share and invite your friends!

———– > charhopefitzpittsphotography on Facebook!



Need input please!

I want to created either

A.) A Facebook page

B.) a Facebook group

C.) a Facebook profile (for my photography)

Which would you prefer to see and would you follow it add it??? Need input please! Thank you!

Rainy days again..

Rainy days are here again folks… Its been raining so hard here that’s it’s flooding… And tmrw is suppose to rain too… And then here and there chances for the next 10 days!!! So I have no idea when pictures will get to come… I may get to go to the park tmrw and get pics and possibly video of the overflow of rain at the bridge.. Who knows.. But I’m giving ya’ll heads up and letting you know…

Getting weird ya’ll

Okay so is it me or is there comments spam? I only post a clever title and my photos but both of these 2 people who have commented on it are very critical (one named Sally especially) and it’s on one particular blog called browncow (the one I named after the brownheaded cowbird) am I doing something wrong with my blogs or is this spam? Look at the comments see for yourself… I need input

Sorry about not posting..

The weather has been crazy and i haven’t been able to take photos… It WAS suppose to come a big snow but something about a dry slot made it not happen… But anyways on a local group in my hometown on their Facebook page they were asking people to submit photos of their favorite water places in the county… There was no limit to it and i posted 4 of my best photos and one of them was marked as spam… It really made me sad… I almost wanted to give up my photography,… I’ve been contemplating that lately… I feel like my photos and photography will never amount to the likes of others.. I know I shouldn’t beat myself down for it… Its a hobby and something I love to do,. But still I don’t know… So I’m hoping that maybe by the end of this week or early next I will get back to it… Please don’t unfollow I will be posting just don’t know when yet.. It can be tmrw or maybe another day… Take care and God Bless!


A moon dog, moondog, or mock moon, (scientific name paraselene, plural paraselenae, meaning “beside the moon“) is a relatively rare bright circular spot on a lunar halo caused by the refraction of moonlight by hexagonal-plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. (source : Moondog (Wikipedia))


No pics until probably at Christmas time…

We are getting rain and rain and more rain.. As you can tell by the snapshots I took on my phone of the local forecast and radar.. So I probably won’t be getting any pics.. Maybe a small chance tmrw morning… Who knows…. I’m so ready for Christmas day and enjoying the time with family and remembering the real reason for Christmas… So if I don’t post by then have a wonderful and blessed Merry Christmas!!!!!