remember i have a new blog site!

if you haven’t already seen it i’m not going to be posting on here any longer i am on blogger here’s the link —–> chfpphotography on blogger you can sign up for updates and things like that.  i like blogger now because i can post videos as well as photos and the space is UNLIMITED!!!! which i love that! so please check it out and sign up for email updates and if you are on google or google+ you can follow me on there as well! hope to hear from you all soon!!!! -charity


I’m on blogspot


Please click on link to check out my new blog. I like blogspot so much better. More storage room and I will be able to post videos for free on there too (which I couldn’t do here unless I pay a high subscription, and I’m not doing that I can’t afford it) on the site you can sign up for emails when I post and you can leave comments like before 🙂 I’m excited to be on blogspot now 🙂 I can post videos yea!!! Please make sure to click the link (the email sign up is on the right next to the blog title on the top)

– charity pitts

i’m saying goodbye to my blog

it’s been a nice almost 4 years now but i am just going to focus my photos on instagram and twitter. it’s been a nice ride here but i’ve been doing some soul searching and i feel like i need to step away from here.. but if you don’t want to loose contact with me you can do the following 3 (maybe 4) —–>

  • Follow me on Instagram my i.d. is —–> charhopefitzpittsphoto

  • Follow me on Twitter my i.d. is ——> charhopefitzpittsphotography

  • Add me on Facebook look up Charity Pitts and look for my photo

  • and lastly if you don’t have these then send me a email —->

thanks for following me and hope you can follow me, add or send me an email.. hope to hear from you all soon!!! God Bless – charity hope fitzgerald pitts

I’m taking a break (please read)

After what happened yesterday I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a while. I just need to. I will be posting my photos on my




Twitter —> (chfp_photo)

please follow me on there… I will be back soon I just don’t know when yet. Thanks so much for following me on here and please don’t unfollow I will be back.

I will not tolerate political comments!!!!

This may loose me some followers but I don’t care. My blog is meant for my photography and not for someone to post comments on how they didn’t celebrate the holidays. Believe me if I wanted to talk politics I would start a blog for it. But i don’t want the headache of it. But please don’t do it again anyone. I only want comments on my photos and that’s it!!! Can’t we enjoy things in life besides arguing over stupid things. (drops mic 🎤)

Okay another update

Well my computer is still being fixed (throws head against the wall) it’s a long story so I won’t go into detail but it should be back next week.. I’ve been using hubbys computer (it isn’t the best one either the screen in cracked and it’s hooked up to an old computer monitor) and I hate to use it because I can’t stand to sit there too long looking at that big old screen. So I will be posting more soon.. Just please be patient with me.. I haven’t abandoned my photography or anything. So wanted to update you all… !!!

Where have I been again?

Well my computer decided to tear up again but I won’t be charged for it because it’s when they fixed it the last time the connection wasn’t that good but it was the company’s booboo and I’m getting it back maybe tmrw or Wednesday free of charge 😉 but I have tons of pics to post.. Got some amazing pics of the tree swallow, the male bluebird and yesterday I got some good photos of the indigo bunting and few of the grackle ( they have such beautiful colors!) but just wanted to give a heads up lol will post soon!!!