An update on my whereabouts…


Where have I been again?

Well my computer decided to tear up again but I won’t be charged for it because it’s when they fixed it the last time the connection wasn’t that good but it was the company’s booboo and I’m getting it back maybe tmrw or Wednesday free of charge 😉 but I have tons of pics to post.. Got some amazing pics of the tree swallow, the male bluebird and yesterday I got some good photos of the indigo bunting and few of the grackle ( they have such beautiful colors!) but just wanted to give a heads up lol will post soon!!!

3 year anniversary!

I’m so beyond happy to see my 3 year anniversary on WordPress.. This blog has been a huge blessing! I’m so blessed to know that you all like my blogs and photos.. I will continue on (as they say) I’m looking forward to late spring and summer for hopefully my best pictures to come.. Onward!!!

Kinda hit a snag of sorts..

Well I thought my computer would be ready by tmrw but nope… They are going to have to fix the lid (replace it) so it will be another few days.. So I decided to use my husband computer to post pictures starting tonight (believe me I hate using my hubbys computer it’s slow and drives me crazy) but I will be posting… So be on the lookout!

Be back hopefully Wednesday…

Hopefully my computer will be ready by Wednesday…. And I should be posting more….. I can’t wait for you all to see the pics I’ve taken.. Got some incredible pics of the red bellied woodpecker and some of the tufted titmouse that are just the most adorable…… Also on Friday I went to Chattanooga and got to see one of my favorite singers in concert so that was such a good day.. But just wanted to update you all.. Please stick around. I haven’t abandoned this blog… I will be back!!

Ok now I’ve been missing..

A few updates… My computer tore up with a hinge coming off my laptop so I should have it back and running by early next week. I have tons of photos to post so that’s the reason I haven’t posted in a few days so bare with me. Tomorrow I will be attending a concert and going to my favorite used bookstore for an pre early bday trip… I can’t take my camera where the concert is being held at because they don’t let cameras in there I will post any photos I do take. I am seeing Steven Curtis Chapman one of my favorite singers…. So I’m really looking forward to this. And also I’ve been fighting a sinus infection but I’m slowly getting better.. Just thought I would give everyone an update on here… I will be posting soon! God bless!

i have an official Facebook page!

yes! i created a Facebook page! and i would really love it if you have Facebook please go and give it a like! and please share and invite your friends!

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Rainy days again..

Rainy days are here again folks… Its been raining so hard here that’s it’s flooding… And tmrw is suppose to rain too… And then here and there chances for the next 10 days!!! So I have no idea when pictures will get to come… I may get to go to the park tmrw and get pics and possibly video of the overflow of rain at the bridge.. Who knows.. But I’m giving ya’ll heads up and letting you know…