Hey ya’ll!!!

Just wanted to post this to give an update to me and my blog. Life has been crazy and I haven’t been posting on my blog. Now I’ve been posting on my instagram (which if you are on there then give me a follow!) I havent felt like giving much effort lately on posting on my blog. But I’m going to post more and trying my hardest. I’m praying that good things will come our way and good things around the world. I had planned a trip to Chattanooga to take pics of downtown, but now it isn’t the best. But hopefully I can really soon. But I wanted to give an update. So glad you guys have stayed around and will continue to do so! Take care and God Bless! – charity

snow! (my female cardinal, read blog please!)

this female cardinal has Leaucism here’s the description below :


The outward appearance of leucistic individuals can vary considerably. “Leucinos” may appear virtually pure white but still possess “normal-colored” eyes and skin; they may possess only a single white feather but otherwise appear normal; or they may exhibit partially white plumage anywhere in between these two extremes. Many older publications refer to this condition as “partial albinism” but, the correct term is leucism.

so here’s my snow girl 🙂 she’s beautiful!!!!