650 followers on my blog!

Thank you all for following my blog! I appreciate every like and comment. And I’m sorry if I can’t like everything everyone posts I try my hardest to. But please don’t unfollow me. Thank you all so much! It means the world to me!

Sorry I haven’t posted lately..

Life has been crazy lately and I haven’t felt like posting like I normally do. So I’m sorry about that. But please stick around cause I will be posting I promise. And I’m sorry if I can’t like every post either. Please don’t unsubscribe from my blog. I appreciate you all being here! And please pray for the weather. We have been bombarded with rain constantly that we set a record here in my hometown. Which is crazy. Take care and God Bless! – charity!

Sorry for not posting…

It’s been crazy here. First of all my cat Cali Anna (I’ve posted several blogs with her pics) passed away earlier this week with an unknown illness or we really don’t know what happened. She was such a sweet cat. She will be so missed around here. 2nd… my mom has had kneed surgery that went well! Praise God! 3rd my cars been acting up and having to get it fixed. And 4th the weather hasn’t been the best in the world… we get a couple days of sunshine and several straight days in a row of pure rain. And you can’t really can’t pics in the dark gloomy and heavy rain days much. So just wanted to keep up to date. And also I apologize if I haven’t went and liked posts like I normally do. I’m very sorry I will try my best to keep up. Please don’t unfollow me. I promise to post more soon!!!

I’m taking a break (please read)

After what happened yesterday I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for a while. I just need to. I will be posting my photos on my




Twitter —> (chfp_photo)

please follow me on there… I will be back soon I just don’t know when yet. Thanks so much for following me on here and please don’t unfollow I will be back.

I will not tolerate political comments!!!!

This may loose me some followers but I don’t care. My blog is meant for my photography and not for someone to post comments on how they didn’t celebrate the holidays. Believe me if I wanted to talk politics I would start a blog for it. But i don’t want the headache of it. But please don’t do it again anyone. I only want comments on my photos and that’s it!!! Can’t we enjoy things in life besides arguing over stupid things. (drops mic 🎤)