Taking a mini breakĀ 

I’m almost getting to the point of getting burnt out right now from taking pictures.. I feel like I can take good ones anymore.. I’m gonna recharge and refocus.. So if you don’t see me post.. Don’t worry I will be back soon… I have put my camera away for now and just focusing on other things.. Like right now I’m working on a big project for the local fair .. Making a quilt .. I put one in every year and this one I’m working on now I will share with you all later when it’s done.. All I’ll say is it’s birds of some kind.. But it’s really cute… Please don’t unsubscribe I’ll be back here I promise… Take care and God bless!!! 

No blogging tonight..

Sorry for no blogs today…I guess you can say I’m taking a breather.. But tmrw and Wednesday will be back in action.. Another hike tmrw and then Wednesday we are suppose to get severe tstorms so I’m hoping to get some pictures of that… Oh well.. Hope you all have a wonderful night!!!