oh beautiful pear tree…

i’m so happy to see you pear tree… i’m ready for
spring and so are you! stay around for a while … we love seeing you!

Spring and trees!

I have to say that Springtime is my absolute favorite season… I think it’s because of knowing that winter is at least over and summer is ahead… it’s starting getting warmer and all the trees and flowers bloom.. i just LOVE it! so i’ll post a few pictures that i’ve taken today at our local state park.. there’s even a picture of the swans with a goose … enjoy the photos!

Such a cute little duck 🙂
Crab Apple Tree
a tale of 2 swans and a geese walking across the parking lot at the park…
Pink Dogwood.. one of my favorite trees 🙂
White Dogwood
Redbud Tree 🙂