The Palace Theatre in Crossville, TN

The old joe mitchell farm

got to visit this beautiful home in my hometown of crossville, tn… i’ve always seen this house growing up and thinking what must it look like inside.. it’s such a beautiful home.. well this place is going to be up for sale and i contacted the person in charge of selling it and i got to tour it and take pictures… this is such a lovely and beautiful place! enjoy the pictures!

The Cumberland Homestead Tower…

coolest place to visit.. i’ve always lived in cumberland county area especially the homestead area.. there is such a rich history to this little community.. here’s more about it at the link (also they have a webcam so you can watch the traffic and cool stuff like that!) The Cumberland Homestead Tower  enjoy the photos!!!

Homestead Houses…

these houses were built in the 30’s under Roosevelt’s “New Deal” more about it at this link ——->>>>> Homesteads History these are very beautiful homes… me and my family lived in one for about a year back when i was 4 years old.. so when i saw these abandonded houses i took photos right on the spot… hopefully these will be restored soon and people will live in them once again…


Pictures from my hometown of Crossville,TN!

Our Lovely Little Ampitheatre.. Mostly Summer Outdoor Concerts are held here… pretty cool place…
Art Circle Public Library… Awesome place to visit for sure!
Pick your path!
This used to be our post office and now it hold city offices and where we can vote!
First steam engine of Crossville!
This was the first high school in the county and how it’s a war memorial museum.. worth a look at!
Our really awesome courthouse!
War Memorial
Another War Memorial
The newest Memorial.. the Sept. 11th Memorial
The BEST coffee shop ever! Grinderhouse Coffeehouse
The lovely wall painting captures the true Crossville, TN
Crossville Depot Station.. we sadly don’t have trains that run through this town anymore but this place is a neat stop to visit
The old Motel Taylor.. even Eleanor Roosevelt stayed here… but now it holds doctors offices now
Mitchell’s Drug Store… The best place to still get a homemade milkshake.. like the good ol’ days!

We went to the Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, TN (my hometown) and we went on an adventure today.. got some wonderful and beautiful photos of the bridge and the waterfall that flows from it.. and there is an old homestead house (link of the history of the houses) Cumberland Homesteads …. and it was quite an adventure for sure.. would i go back.. um yes like thousands of times… so quite and surreal there… beautiful… thank you Lord!