Mr. Squirrel


Oh Mr. Squirrel.. He comes to visit us sometimes when we put out our birdseed… He’s so cute!

bluejays and such…

We’ve been bird watching & bird feeding at our apartment and we have all kinds of birds.. but this bluejay.. it’s probably my second favorite (with owls being 1st) so here is just a sample of the pictures i’ve gotten.. leave me feedback if you would like to see more pictures like this or anything… God Bless!

winter has arrived…

well winter did arrive last week and it was beautiful… got some amazing photos which i will share.. but i was so glad to see the snow disappear!.. here are the photos:


ollie the groundhog….

okay the cutest groundhog is near my aunt’s house.. and i call him ollie.. he’s there every year lol.. here’s some pictures that i finally got of him… too cute!

IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3729

beautiful TN sunsets…

we had a gorgeous sunset tonight… i captured it at 2 different times.. 15 mintues apart… you can see how it changed so fast… so i hope you all like these pictures.

IMG_3571 IMG_3572

dragonfly season…

man it seems there is just dragonflies everywhere! i love it! they are so beautiful and unique… so i got a couple of pics of one that i saw that happen to be on a bush… IMG_3392 IMG_3393