I’m officially selling my prints on redbubble!

ok so big news.. i have set up a redbubble account and i’m going to be selling my photos on there.. you can buy them in so many different ways.. which is really cool.. like you can buy a photo on a notebook, or a canvas print, or maybe a travel mug? how about a shirt even? so many possibilites… so i will be adding more photos throughout the week so keep on the lookout for them… make sure when you check out redbubble type in the name corinthiansgirl and there will be my store and you can purchase things… hope you check it out!!!



Awesome Photography Ideas…

Photography Tips!

here’s a link to a site that will give some ideas on photography ideas.. i’m so gonna try these!

Mr. Woodpecker & Mr. Blue Jay


Angel Belle….

my baby cat looking adorable today! had to get some pictures!

Cumberland Mountain State Park (part 2)

well we visited the Cumberland Mountain State Park again.. Cumberland Mountain State Park and we went on the other hiking trail to see the bridge and waterfall again… and we hiked a pretty steep downward trail to get to the bottom of the bridge/waterfall.. and it was so worth it! here are the pictures to prove it!