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i have a youtube channel!

i have a youtube channel set up for my blog/photography… i’ve been on here for a while and decided to get more videos along with photos.. make sure you subscribe or mark it on your web browser… i will be posting more on down the road.. so be on the lookout .. here’s the link: charhopefitzpittsphoto youtubeyoutube.JPG

Ugh thanks tropical storm Cindy

Looks like today and tmrw will not be a good day for pics… Tomorrow is suppose to be the worst day for us in TN. They are saying severe storms and heavy flooding will happen… I may try to get to the park and get some pics of the bridge if it’s overflowing but can’t expect guarantees… Hopefully Saturday will be back to normal . there a classic car show and I can’t miss that! Anyways hope everything everyone enjoys the rest of the day and get out there and enjoy Nature… 🙂 

no blog tonight…

no blog for today or tonight…did not really get to take any pics… was busying with worrying if it’s gonna snow and if it’s gonna stick or not and traveling in it .. but it did but the blessing was it didn’t stay and it was all melted by the end of the day.. ha! but i did go and get a haircut and took a nap.. not too much going on.. but i may hopefully be able to get some pictures tomorrow… maybe there will be a beautiful sunset 🙂 who knows! and also if you still don’t know i do have a facebook page for my blog… if you have facebook look up a girl and her camera! Good Night Everyone!

I have a facebook page!

i have a facebook page if you didn’t know by the way… i post about my blog or anything that i find anything interesting about photography…. if you do have a facebook then can you kindly give my page a like (and also you will have to click to get notifications for when i post, can’t afford to pay right now) thank you!!!!